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Frequently Asked Questions
About  Entrada, St. George Area and Utah Taxes

Question: What is the "Mission" of the Entrada Development? The Developer has adopted "Building Community for the Seventh Generation" as a mission statement and development philosophy. In order to achieve this lofty goal of leaving a legacy for our posterity, no compromise in quality will be allowed, either in planning or in construction. Question: What type of "Security" measures are available at Entrada? Entrada at Snow Canyon security measures will include a Welcome House located near the main entrance, south of Tuacahn Parkway, which may be staffed at various hours as determined by the Homeowners Association. Secondary gates will be electronically controlled. Lava Cove is not gated.

Question: What type of Utilities are available at Entrada? All utilities including water, sewer, natural gas, telephone, electricity and cable TV are available at the property line. Domestic water charges, including connection and monthly service fees, will be set by the City. Monthly sewage collection service fees will be set by the City. Telephone service will be provided by your choice of telephone providers, and electrical power provided by the City. Natural gas will be provided by Questar. Cable TV will be provided by Baja Broadband and is included in HOA dues.

Question: What is the Mean temperature - Summer and Winter? The mean temperature in the Summer is 100 degrees. In the Winter the mean temperature is 60 degrees.

Question: What is the Average rainfall per year? The average rainfall per year is 7.8 inches.

Question: What is the population of St. George? Approx. 85,000 and growing and about 125,000 for Washington County

Question: What about Hospital's? Dixie Regional Medical Center, a brand new state of the art hospital that serves the health care needs of nearly 100,000 in a tri-state area of southern Utah, southern Nevada, and eastern Arizona. DRMC is owned and operated by Intermountain Health Care.

Question: Is their a college in St. George? Founded in 1911, with an avenge quarterly enrollment of 6,000, Dixie State College, a four year college, provides excellent opportunities in Liberal Arts, Business, Vocational and Natural Sciences. Dixie College offers a full line of continuing educational opportunities through its " Institute of Continued Learning."

Question: Does Utah have an income tax? Yes, Utah does have an income tax. Utah income tax laws generally follow Federal laws. Utah taxable income begins with Federal adjusted gross income, from which itemized deductions (as claimed on the Federal income tax return), personal exemptions and one-half of federal taxes are deducted. If you are required to file a Federal income tax return, you will likely need to file a Utah return. Question: If I move to Utah, will I pay more or less income tax than I do now? Utah's top income tax rate is 7.0%. This top rate is reached at taxable income of $3,750 for single taxpayers. For married couples and those who qualify for head of household, the top bracket is reached at $7,500. For comparison, California's maximum rate is 11%, Idaho's is 8.2%, Arizona's is 7%, and Colorado's is 5%.

Question: What tax breaks does Utah tax law provide for retired taxpayers? Taxpayers under age 65 can exclude up to $4,800 per person of retirement income (pension, annuities, or taxable social security benefits). Taxpayers age 65 or older can exclude $7,500 each of income regardless of whether it is retirement income or not. Both of these exemption amounts are phased out for higher income taxpayers. Married taxpayers making more than $32,000 and single taxpayers making more than $25,000 will lose some or all of these exemptions depending on their adjusted gross income.

Question: Does Utah have a sales tax? Utah does have state sales tax. It ranges from 6.25% to over 7% depending upon the county where the sale takes place. For Washington County the rate is 6.25%.

Question: If I own property in Utah, what can I expect to pay in property taxes? Real Estate property taxes average .63% of the market value of a primary residence, and approximately 1.10% of the market value of second homes or other real estate in the St. George area. They are due by November 30 of each year.

Question: Does Utah have an inheritance tax? Utah has an inheritance tax; however, it is only imposed to the extent that you are allowed a credit for state taxes on you Federal estate tax return. Therefore, the effect is that there is no additional tax to pay. If there is no Federal estate tax liability there will be no Utah inheritance tax
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